Wheel Alignment, Lancashire

All new cars leave the factory with the steering and suspension correctly aligned. Over a period of time due to uneven road surfaces, potholes and speed bumps, this alignment can be knocked out of line.

Having your wheels correctly aligned will save you money! This is because misaligned wheels cause your tyres to wear unevenly, so they need to be replaced more often. Not only this, the tyres will cause more friction on the road, meaning the car will have to work harder to make the wheels turn, using more fuel and costing you more money!

Wheel alignment isn't something you should consider when something goes wrong it should be checked as part of the regular maintenance of your car, but you may also be looking for wheel alignment when your tyres are wearing unevenly, your steering is pulling to the left or right, or your steering wheel doesn't rest in the centre.

At Dales Automotive in Lancashire, we have a state of the art brand new four wheel alignment laser, manned by specifically trained mechanics. We are currently offering four wheel laser alignment for just £80.00 for most cars.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

When wheel alignment is professionally conducted on your vehicle it will prevent the vehicle from pulling to one side or the other, it improves the life of all the tyres, braking performance and saves you money on fuel by making your car more efficient. Accurate wheel alignment will improve fuel economy, for every litre of fuel you save you reduce the carbon emissions saving our environment!

Driver comfort is also increased when your vehicle is correctly aligned. When your tyres and wheels aren't correctly aligned then you will be fighting your steering wheel to keep the car straight and you may even have to deal with a vibrating steering wheel. You may not consider this but wheel alignment will help reduce fatigue and lower potential risk of arm, shoulder and neck problems, especially for those partaking in vast motoring.

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